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Embedded Systems, in Pyjama!

Embedded Systems guide, for the engineer, by the engineer!

We curate content on Embedded Systems to help our readers (beginners or professionals) become better engineers and grow as a professional (anxiety-free). Topics include -

  1. C, C++, Assembly Language, Rust, and Python.
  2. ARM (A/M Class) and RISC-V CPU Architecture.
  3. Operating Systems (Linux/RTOS/Baremetal).
  4. Digital Hardware Design and FPGAs.
  5. Command line Tools and Utilities.
  6. Career and Productivity tips, Lectures, Notes, Courses, Blogs, and interesting links.

Learn Assembly, C and RISC-V

We are a bunch of embedded systems engineers trying to give back to the community by publishing and organizing content on various topics that an embedded engineer or an aspiring engineer might be interested in.

Embedded systems Podcast!