Last week we launched the course on C Pointers! We designed it specifically to provide insights into the mechanics of pointers. Information about these are available on the internet, but are scattered. We got them under one roof and explained it with a heavy focus on how they are used and are to be reasoned about.

While a lot of embedded and systems engineers know C language, the lack of ability to reason clearly about "how the pointers work" and "how they can be used" limit impactful contributions and career progression.


Based on some suggestions made by folks on Discord and Linkedin, we upgraded the course and made it even more affordable. The specific updates are as follows -

  1. Course access is upgraded to 90 days for all.
  2. There is now a certificate of completion on completing 95% of the course.
  3. Option for participants to become affiliates - 15% commission per sale.

Preview Lectures

Considering that you might want to try out the course content, we released 6 of the 35 video lectures from the course, on YouTube as a playlist -

By the end of the course you would have learned:

  1. What pointers arehow to think about them and how to design with them.
  2. Different types of pointers - Datatype based, void and function (callbacks) pointers.
  3. Understand and use the syntax associated with pointers, the meaning of *, ., -> and & in context of the pointer.
  4. To reason about Multilevel pointers, Arrays and the difference between the two.
  5. To use Pointer Arithmetic and different ways to dereference pointers.
  6. To reasons about errors, fatalities resulting from the incorrect use of pointers. How malloc() and free() might be implemented.
  7. How open-source code use pointers - Baremetal, FreeRTOS and Linux file operations.

The Certificate

The system sends a PDF version of the certificate to all the participants who complete 95% of the course work. Again, the course work is roughly 5.5 Hrs and very easy to follow through.

Finally, few words about the book, it's still a work in progress and honestly, I am not getting time to sit for long and compose the text. While the book is still in the draft phase, the draft is available for you to read here -

C-Ninja, in Pyjama!
A public draft copy of the “C-Ninja, in Pyajama!” book for Embedded Systems. The Book aims to lower the entry barrier to learning Embedded systems Software development.

Happy learning and again, thanks for trusting us!