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Podcast #1: C Language, Relevance, Learning it & Interviewing.

Piyush Itankar

We released another Episode! We discussed C Language, its relevance, some features that we like and enjoy, what parts of the language to not miss, how to go about learning, and tips on how to interview.

Table of contents

00:00 Live again!

00:27 Expectations as part of this discussion

00:45 Opinions on the C language

01:04 Rajat’s view on the C language and its relevance

03:42 RUST replacing C

04:17 Linus and the university lecture and the C language

05:22 RUST, C++, and control that the programmer has

06:20 Dev’s Opinion of the C language

07:18 Relevance of the C language as per Dev

07:50 C getting replaced with other language…

08:21 C in relation to other languages.

09:38 Dev’s experience with learning one language and picking another

10:52 Extending the argument on learning one language and being able to catch on to other

11:38 Mahmad’s view of the C language and its relevance

14:05 Mahmad’s view on how he got introduced to C and challenges with learning it now. The gaps.

15:32 Piyush’s view of C, relevance, relation to hardware, and limits of other languages

19:24 A case for how easy it is to learn C language and why it’s not as visible

21:10 Start of discussion on favorite features and “aha!” moments while using C

21:25 Rajat’s commentary on 32 keywords of C not being a limitation of the language and version changes

22:32 Why C became the language of embedded systems, other languages, pros and cons

24:34 Rajat’s comments on why he likes C - being able to control placement, linkers, and sections

26:47 Mahmad extends the argument on C and freedom to have full control - Assembly in C code and compiler features

28:35 Dev’s comments on his favorite features of the C language - Pointers and memory manipulation

31:00 Dangling pointers and other issues with memory management

31:37 Thanking Dennis Ritchie

34:21 (Blooper) Tech glitch!

34:32 Piyush’s comments on favorite features - structures, function pointers, and object-like abstraction

35:55 Start of Discussion - Recommendations on how to get started with C?

36:20 Mahmad reflects on his encounters with C and the journey of learning it

39:27 Dev reflecting on his encounters with C and how he learned it and suggestions on learning it

43:10 (Blooper) Rajat forgets the topic of discussion :D

43:35 Rajat’s recommendation on how to go about learning C - mastering pointers, *, &

45:00 Piyush explains the concept of pointers and how one can think about them

45:50 (Tech Glitch recovery) Back again!

45:54 Piyush’s recommendation on how one can go about learning C, assembly, and how C keywords can be easily understood

48:10 Pointers and thoughts on screen share, walkthroughs

49:21 Start of discussion: Interviewing for Embedded Positions

49:00 Piyush’s view of interviewing, the mindset for interviewing for entry-level positions

51:18 Don’t seek validation in interviews!

52:16 Dev’s experience as an interviewer and a good candidate

53:48 Interacting with the interviewer, Asking questions in an interview (as a candidate), and making progress

55:11 Rajat talks about interviewing, what he looks for - the desire to learn

57:00 Traits of a good engineer/candidate

58:55 What not to do in technical interviews, more traits of good engineers

01:01:30 Timeout!! :D

01:01:35 Closing thoughts… discord and other ways to connect