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Update #4

Piyush Itankar

tl;dr - We are splitting the book into Volumes. The first one focuses on Assembly and C and will be out soon. We are calling it - "C Ninja, in Pyjama!" 🥷

In the previous updates regarding this topic, I mentioned that we have successfully completed and are currently reviewing the first 20 chapters. However, due to our busy work schedule, we have been unable to make significant progress beyond that point.

I have received numerous emails and LinkedIn messages requesting an update on the expected release date of the book. While we still do not have a specific date, it is important to note that the original book is far from being completed, and we do not wish to rush its development. To best serve the community, we have decided to release the book in parts as volumes within the "Embedded Systems Secret, in Pyjama!" series. This approach will provide the community with a reliable resource to refresh their knowledge or learn from.

The first volume is almost ready! And we've titled it (at least for now) - "C Ninja, in Pyjama!".