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Update #6: C-Ninja, Git Repo, Youtube...

Piyush Itankar

Hello there,

Long time, no see :) Long time since I updated you! There has been a lot going on in the meantime. Let's dive in -

The book

  • We are three chapters from opening the book for internal review with peers and friends. We need to do fact-checking and proofreading of the chapters in the book.
  • At the moment, there are 103 images/illustrations/screenshots (The video was recorded a week back and the count was less then) and about 23 chapters spanning ~150 pages. This will only grow!

Git Repo

  • All the examples from the book will be available as a git repository for you to refer to and experiment with. At the moment, the repository only has instructions on how to set the lab environment. You can try it out if you'd like -